How to care for and feed a cat

How to care for and feed a cat

I have a little friend - this is my cat Sima. She has been living with me for a long time. When I was 2 years old, my dad brought me Sima. She was born on March 1, 1998 in Vitebsk, Belarus.

I have a Persian cat. The Persian cat is a breed of long-haired domestic cat. Türkiye is considered its homeland, although it came to Europe from Iran. The Persian cat is medium-sized, stocky. The body is massive, strong, proportionally built. The head is relatively large, with a rounded, convex forehead and a small, short, but wide and slightly upturned nose. The neck is short, somewhat thick. The long, silky coat around the neck and shoulders forms a luxurious collar. The eyes are large, round, widely spaced. My cat's color is golden chinchilla. Cats with this color have green eyes.

Now I want to tell you what my Sima likes, about her habits and habits.

Cats get used to a certain daily routine and get offended if dinner is not served on time. My Sima loves to eat all meats, cheese, eggs, yogurt. It’s strange, but Sima happily eats raisins, squash caviar, green peas, and corn. When I was little, I always shared creamy lollipops with Sima. She loves him very much. When the first herb appears, I always bring it for Sima. I think that Sima gets the vitamins she needs from the grass. As for water, it should be in the bowl all the time: if the cat wants it, it drinks, if it doesn’t want it, it doesn’t drink.

I read that a cat can sleep up to 20 hours a day. The cat sleeps deeply and dreams. But she can wake up instantly. My Sima chooses warm places to sleep, loves to soak up the sun, she can even settle on a radiator. But most often she sleeps on the windowsill.

My Sima is no longer a little kitten, but she loves to play. I make a paper mouse on a string for her, and she runs after it. She also loves to run after a shadow or a small ball. Every cat needs a place to sharpen its claws. My Sima chose a chair for this.

My Sima has a very interesting character. It all depends on her mood. When she doesn’t need it, you can call her as much as you like, she still won’t come. She has her own habits. Let's start in the morning: she gets up as soon as anyone wakes up. When I start learning my homework, she comes into my room and lies down on the school table. And there is no point in kicking her out. She will still do what she needs. When I eat, she sits on the chair with me and waits for me to give her something. Until mom sees it.

She distinguishes a lot by sound. If you take her out of the kitchen and open the refrigerator, take out a pack of her food or peel an egg, she will immediately come running. When she needs something, she will not meow, but will simply come up and touch my leg with her paw.

Sima considers herself the mistress of the house. When we had a dog, Sima would brazenly come up and eat from her plate. Now, in addition to Sima, we have a Persian cat, Mark. But she also put him in his place. He is larger, bigger than Sima, but when she eats, he prefers not to approach. And she definitely won’t let him into my room!

If there was no one at home during the day, then Sima meets us, meowing near the door. I always see what mood she is in. She is happy when we teach her lessons. When I feel sorry for her, I see that she smiles. But if you step on her tail, she feels very bad. She doesn't like it when I feel sorry for Mark. But if she is not happy with something, then she will never scratch me right away!

First he will always warn you, showing his open paw with claws. But if I don’t leave her alone, then I’ll get it.

And now Sima and she and I are waiting for kittens. Sima is already an adult, but she only had kittens once, a very long time ago. And now her character has surprisingly changed. From an independent and stubborn cat, she turned into a soft, affectionate, fluffy ball. Constantly demands attention, asks to be pitied. I started eating a lot more. Sleeps a lot or just lies down. We expect the kittens to be born on March 5-8. Sima is already choosing a place for this. And I can’t wait to have kittens.

On March 12, Sima gave birth to kittens. This happened in my room. We watched Sima and helped her. The cat gives birth lying on its side. When the first kitten was born, we moved him closer to Sima, she chewed the umbilical cord and licked him dry. Cats give birth at short intervals. The next kittens appeared after 40-60 minutes. In total, Sima gave birth to 4 kittens. The kittens were small, blind, squeaked loudly, and seemed very helpless. But it was surprisingly easy to find Sima. When all the kittens were born, Sima calmed down and began to care for them: she washed them, fed them and warmed them. Sima turned out to be a very caring mother cat. At first, she could not leave the kittens even to eat, and she hardly slept. We had to take the cat, Mark, out of the house so that she would not worry. On the 11th day, the kittens' eyes began to open. When they were 15 days old, they began to leave their place and crawl in all directions. Then Sima would go out and call them, meowing, and they would crawl towards her. But after a few days the kittens stopped obeying her and she had to catch them and carry them to their place herself. Around the 3-4 week, all the kittens started teething, and we started feeding them cow's milk with raw egg yolk. And after a month they happily ate minced meat and meat cut into small pieces.

I named the kittens Yuksi, Kaksi, Kolme, Viisi. But soon we had to part with them. Each kitten now has its own owner and hopefully a friend.

Keeping a cat in the house is not difficult. You just need to love her and look after her. And then she can become your closest friend. And for me, my Sima is like a sister. I love her very much.

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